Duties & Responsibilities


  • The Chairman is the chief spokesperson for the Tribe, represents the Tribe by name and title, and corresponds with other governments and entities on behalf of the Tribe.
  • Calls for and presides over regularly scheduled meetings of the Tribe Council, general membership and other special meetings considered necessary to conduct Tribal business.
  • Presents and explains the position of the Tribe on all matters of importance.
  • Delegates tasks to members of the Council and employees of the Tribe to assist in Council efforts, including but not limited to preparing reports, attending meetings, reviewing documents and implementing policies.
  • Coordinates with other work units and communicates directives from Council.


  • The Vice-Chairman shall, in the absence of the Chairman, perform all duties and assume all responsibilities vested in the Chairman. The Vice-Chairman shall upon the request of the Chairman, assist in carrying out the duties of the Chairman. Except as otherwise approved by the Tribal Council or the Executive Committee, the Vice-Chairman shall be on the Reservation, available to perform the duties of the Chairman, any time the Chairman is sick, off the Reservation or otherwise unavailable to perform the duties of the Chairman.
  • Supervise the Tribe’s Realty Specialist to ensure all leases/permits are in compliance with their lease of Tribal Land, report monthly to the Tribal Council on the status of all Tribal leases and permits of Tribal Land, and carry out all Tribal Council directives pertaining to leases/permits of Tribal Land.
  • Ensure that the GIS/GPS Mapping System of the Reservation is in place and operational, including establishing a priority list for mapping the various areas of the Reservation.


  • The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Tribal Council and of the general membership meetings and make copies available to the membership upon request.
  • Maintain the general membership rolls.
  • Act as the official custodian of all Tribal records including but not limited to: Tribal enrollment records; original Tribal Council Ordinances and Resolutions; minutes of Tribal Council meetings; real property records pertaining to the Reservation.
  • Act as custodian of all tribal funds; disburse funds in accordance with orders and resolutions of the Council. Account for receipts and disbursements and report the same in writing to the Council at all regular meetings, and be bonded in such amounts as the Council may provide.
  • Act as the official agent of the Tribe for purposes of service of process.
  • The Treasurer’s records shall be subject to audit or inspection upon the request of the Tribal Council at any time. An annual financial statement shall be prepared in a manner prescribed by the council and made available to the general membership.