Realty & Planning

Realty & Tribal Planning Office

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except holidays

P.O. Box 1976
Havasu Lake, CA 92363

Telephone: (760) 858-1116
Fax: (760) 858-1805

Sierra Pencille, Vice Chairman

William Cox, Tribal Planner

Allyn Rosetta, Realty Specialist

Angela Trujillo, Realty Assistant

Gia Brooks, Realty Secretary

Notary Services – See Angela Trujillo


The Tribal Realty Department is committed to the efficient and effective management of the Chemehuevi Tribe’s 32,000 acres of trust lands in accordance with Tribal policies and the requirement under Federal Law.

Our responsibilities are to promote, preserve, and protect the interest of the Chemehuevi Tribal Members through maintaining a balanced use of the land for natural preservation, cultural enhancement, economic development and prudent leasing practices that support economic independence for the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe.

Under the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Section 108 Model Contract; The Annual funding Agreement with the Chemehuevi Indian Tribes states that Tribal Realty shall administer the technical aspects and functions as follows:

  1. Negotiates and executes all permits and leases of Tribal Lands;
  2. Oversees the implementation and compliance of all leases;
  3. Collects all rents due;
  4. Issues notices of violation of the lease terms;
  5. Coordinates with the BIA to issue notices of termination;
  6. Is responsible for conducting all self-help evictions under the Tribes’ Self-Help Eviction Ordinance;
  7. Coordinates Land Use Planning between Tribal, Local, Regional, State and Federal jurisdictional levels.
  8. Real Estate Appraisals for evaluating and estimating market, rental, leasing or other value of real and other property owned by the Tribe;
  9. Maintenance of Records;
  10. Boundary surveys of land delineation for rights-of-ways, lease permits and economic development;
  11. Maintains evaluations, assessments, studies, statements for Environmental Quality and Archeological Resource Services for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), National Historical Preservation Act (NHPA), Clear Air Act (CAA), Clean Water Act (CWA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RERA).

Tribal Planning Office Mission:

Mission is to provide for sustainable economic development, improve quality of life for residence and support the goals of the Chemehuevi Tribe in accordance with the policies, regulations and directions of the Chemehuevi Tribal Council.

Services Provided:

Long range Planning including Zoning and Master Planned Land Use, Building Permits, Inspections and Construction, Acquire Grants and other types of funding for Tribal Economic and Residential Projects, Provide points of contact for governmental and commercial offices, Research, advise and consult as required by the Council Executive Committee and the Chemehuevi Tribal Council.