Water Department

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

298 Sunrise Trail
Havasu Lake, CA 92363

Phone: 760-858-5370
Fax: 760-858-1124
Email: oc.wd@cit-nsn.gov

Johnny Gordon, Supervisor 
Vacant, Water Technician Level 2
Mitchell Deysie, Water Technician Level 1
Richard Sandate, Water Technician Level 1
Autumn Ochoa, Office Coordinator

Services Provided:

  • Maintain Water and Sewer Systems
  • Provide Safe Drinking Water
  • Emergency Response to Water Issues

Water Quality Report:

The Annual Consumer Confidence Report was delivered to all water customers in June, 2014. The Report recorded Good water quality.